Job Applications

When looking for a job, you will more than likely complete a lot of job applications online.  This is how nearly all companies list their job openings and gather resumes from candidates. Typically a company will post their positions on:

  • job search sites such as or
  • their own company web site, typically on a page called “careers,” “join our team” or something similar

Some companies, especially retail companies like Target or Home Depot have kiosks set up in their stores where you can fill out an application.  Although electronic applications are most common, some companies still use paper applications.  Online applications tend to ask a lot of questions and take longer to complete. They frequently contain personality tests, which can sometimes be frustrating and tricky. Paper applications tend to be shorter, quicker and easier.

No matter what type of application you come across be sure to complete it thoroughly and to the best of your ability — this is typically the first impression you will make at a company and you’ll want to make it a good one!

If you’re working with an advocate, case manager, employment specialist, or career coach, don’t be shy about asking them for help completing an application – this is what they’re there for! (It’s not cheating!)

For more information, including a mock application to fill out ahead of time and take with you when you apply for easy reference, see Transitions RTC’s Tip Sheet: Applying for a Job: The Young Adult’s Guide

*This tip sheet was developed and reviewed with input from young adults with serious mental health conditions, many of whom were or are members of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health youth councils.