Thinking Ahead

You may not know what you want to do for a career right now and that’s perfectly normal. Even if you think you know, that may change over time and with new experiences. The point is, you should always be thinking of your future by mastering your present.

Self Evaluation

One way to master your present is to make wise decisions about your work experiences. If you are satisfied with the work you do, the field you’re in, and the opportunities that could follow, then continue on this track! On the other hand, if what you’ve been doing hasn’t been fulfilling, start thinking of a Plan B for your future career. Whatever the case may be, never give up and always think ahead!

Exceeding Expectations

Another way you can master your present is by exceeding both your own expectations and that of your employer. It’s rewarding when you accomplish more than what you initially set out to do. People admire this including employers.

The key is to take initiative at work and take charge of your life. If some of the things listed below relate to you, then you’re already taking initiative!

  • Do things without being told.
  • Find out what you need to know.
  • Keep going when things get tough.
  • Spot opportunities.
  • Take advantage of opportunities.
  • Act instead of react.

Read about Taking Initiative and Making Things Happen in the Workplace or watch the video below!

Taking the Initiative