Have No Fear: Turning 18 & Social Security

Turning 18 is a big milestone.  Even though you’re still a teenager, at 18 you’re now legally considered an adult. As expected, being an adult inevitably comes with more responsibility and more decision making power. This is because at this age you can begin to do things like:

  • Take charge of your finances
  • Exercise your voting rights
  • Decide if you want to live on your own
  • Enter into legal contracts

There are other things in your life that could change as well, especially if you were receiving any kind of Social Security disability benefit as a child. ReachHire has included the following presentation to help you understand:

  • How things work before you turned 18 & were on SSI
  • What happens before you turn 19 & are on SSI
  • What could happen after you turn 18 under SSI or SSDI
  • What could happen to your  Representative Payee

Download the presentation here.