Pre-College Checklist

High School

Your academic and social experiences in high school will prepare you for adulthood after you graduate. Depending on the types of goals and dreams you have, you may decide to go to college, trade school or straight to work. Whatever you choose, your first steps on this path usually begin in high school and how you take these initial steps can make a big difference in your future.

Other Routes to College

For some, going straight from high school to college may not make sense. You may want to work for a few years first. Maybe you want to save up money for college or gain work experience to help you decide your career. Maybe you want to work and go to college at the same time? Many colleges offer part-time options and some employers may help cover some of your college expenses, if they are job related.

For some of you, maybe there was a lot going on and you were unable to graduate from high school – don’t worry, you can still go to college. It will be important to get your General Education Development (GED). Most colleges accept this in place of a high school diploma, but make sure to check with any schools that you are applying to.

This section of ReachHire highlights the different steps you need to take after high school when preparing for college. Information for non-traditional students is located in the Non-Traditional Path to College section of the website

As you read this section, think about what steps you’ve already taken and what steps remain for you to take. ReachHire is here to help you keep moving in the right direction!


What else is on your checklist as you prepare to start college?

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