Life Skills and School 101

As with any new endeavor, it’s always important to remember the life skills you’ve developed and to see how and when you can apply them. Always strive to:

  1. Be Open and Positive: Establishing positive relationships can open many doors for you as your college career progresses.
  2. Be Self-Confident: Building confidence is a key factor to your self-development and plays a vital role in your overall health.
  3. Show Student Etiquette and “Netiquette”: How you present yourself at school is important. To enhance your image and to avoid trouble, remember to:
    • Respect differing opinions.
    • Be polite and be aware of your tone.
    • Avoid sarcasm.
    • Only post appropriate content.
    • Be culturally sensitive.
    • Don’t harass – help.
    • No profanity or angry language.
    • Keep private matters private.
  4. Have Good Hygiene: Dressing to Impress can lead to success; plus, good hygiene leads to good health. Remember the basics:
    • Shower every day.
    • Maintain your hair and nails.
    • Maintain your smile.
    • Eat healthy.
    • Exercise and stay fit.
    • Sleep 7-8 hours a night.
  5. Balance School, Work, Friends and Family: When you get involved in so many things, it’ll seem like you’re in high demand for everything and everyone. Have confidence that you can satisfy the demand, but don’t overdo it either. To help:
    • Plan Ahead: Create a daily list of your prioritized tasks to be accomplished.
    • Plan For Travel: Travel time, Bus/Subway schedule confirmation, Have a Plan B.
    • Achieve Life Harmony: Not everything is work and not everything is play.
    • Be Healthy: Keep track of medical appointments and make time to stay fit.
    • Don’t Be Afraid to Say No: If you feel like you’re already working as hard as you can, don’t be afraid to let people know you’re feeling overwhelmed. If you can’t manage anything extra right now, that’s OK. The most important thing is to take care of yourself.
  6. Try Not To Stress: College can be demanding and can create stress. Hear from some college students on other ways they handle college stress.
What do you think of using these life skills at school? Do you have any of your own tips?
Use the comments below to answer!