Homesickness Coping Strategies

Going away to college for the first time may make you feel a bit homesick at times. The feeling is natural and one that many college freshmen experience. It’s simply the distress you feel of being away from your family and community. It may bring some discomfort, but it will help you mature and live a life independent from your parents. Here are a few tips that worked for other young adults on how to overcome their feelings of homesickness. This might work for you too.

  1. Find things to do to stay busy (exercise, step outside, join a school club, socialize with other students).
  2. Try not to think about it (keep busy and think about your academic and personal goals).
  3. Do things you enjoy in the middle of the day (this can be your treat for going to class and studying for most of the day).
  4. Try not to call home too often (this can make you miss your family and friends even more).
  5. If you’re really struggling, make an appointment with a school counselor or talk with a close friend.

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Would you like to share some of your coping skills that helped you overcome home sickness during your first year at school?


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