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  ASA College Planning Centers and  Educational Opportunity Centers are federally funded TRIO programs. They provide free assistance to first generation college students, individuals with low income and individuals with disabilities. Services include help with college admissions, college fee waivers, financial aid, scholarship resources, careers, and financial literacy.

Massachusetts Education and Career Opportunities, Inc.

American Student Assistance College Planning Centers

NAMI Mass Education, Employment and Training has lists of Mass contacts, resources, and info

College Prep Resources

The Unabridged Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection is a collection of informational pamphlets from different colleges and universities around the country that cover a wealth of student affair topics including: counseling, stress, depression, relationships, anger, and medication.

College Matchmaker matches you with colleges based on the criteria you enter, including the degrees, majors, and type of college experience you are looking for.

Big future College-search contains a database of 3,961 colleges and helps you search them and find matches based on what characteristics you are looking for in a college.

School Financial Resources

Paying For School Calculators has a variety of different financial calculators including ones that can tell you what your college of choice will cost, how much you will have to save for college, and a student loan comparison calculator to help you find the best deals in loans for you.

Financial Assistance Matchmakers is a scholarship search engine where you can enter certain criteria in order to find the scholarships that will best suit you, and that you are eligible for. is another scholarship search engine where you can search for scholarships based on the specific criteria that you enter.

NAMI on Campus offers scholarship tips and information. This website also contains links to the biggest scholarship search engines on the web.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Lilly Reintegration Scholarship is for individuals diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, or Major Depressive Disorder. The Lilly Reintegration Scholarship provides eligible individuals with financial assistances for a variety of different education goals.

Incight Scholarship is offered to students with documented disabilities.

The Charles A. Olayinka Scholarship is an essay competition for students with bi-polar disorder enrolled in or entering a college in the United States and under the care of a licensed mental health professional.

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC). If you are a client of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), you may be eligible to have your TUITION COSTS WAIVED to community colleges and state-colleges and universities in Massachusetts if your employment goal requires higher ed. Contact your local MRC office today to find out more and apply for services.