Analyze What Schools Can Offer

When trying to find schools, make sure your needs and academic desires will be met throughout your experience there. Doing thorough research about the schools you’re interested in is important to your decision.

To kick off your exploration, begin with the school’s website, especially the ‘Prospective Student’ or ‘Campus Life’ sections. Below are a few school features and resources to pay attention to:

  • Classroom & Campus Size
  • School Location: Town vs. City
  • Counseling & Student Services
  • Student Support Groups
  • Admission Requirements
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships

Besides this, you may want to call or interview with a representative from the school’s Admissions Office to make sure the resources you’re interested in are available. This can also give you a chance to learn more about their Academic and Disability Support Centers.

For students living with a mental health condition, there are other things you should think about when choosing colleges to apply to. These include your basic rights and the types of counseling services each college offers. Click here to learn more about what you should be on the lookout for.


What are you looking for when you look at schools?

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