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What’s Your Learning Style?

Everyone has different learning styles and preferences. Even if you’ve mastered a style, be open to adjustment as you adopt new study habits. This will make studying for exams or acquiring new skills easier.

Two young women studying in a library


Which Learning Style Best Describes You?

I learn best when information is …

  1. Visual Learner – Written in books or presented visually in graphs and diagrams
  2. Auditory Learner – Orally presented like in class lectures or study groups
  3. Hands-On Learner – Taught through demonstrations & activities I participate in

To learn more about your learning style’s strategies click here and to participate in workshops on different study skills like taking notes and preparing for tests click here!


The 4-Most Effective Study Habits

Now that you know your style, it’s time to adopt some good study habits that can help improve your learning. ReachHire recommends you get in the habit of:

  1. Taking Notes can help prevent brain overload. Summarizing your notes can help you remember what’s important. Click here for several strategies to improve your notes.
  2. Using Memory Aids such as -mnemonics-, -acronyms-, and making songs or flash cards are easy ways to memorize materials and learn concepts. To learn how to create effective flashcards click here.
  3. Studying Bit-by-Bit over a number of days instead of studying everything at once (No cramming!) can be less stressful on you when preparing for an exam.
  4. Minimize Distractions. Find a quiet place, keep your phone on silent and only use the internet for study purposes.
  5. Taking A Break every couple of hours is important.

The video below highlights why developing good study habits is important. It also provides tips on how you can study more effectively.


Resources to Make School a Little Easier

  • Calling All Smartphone Users! Check out this list of FREE apps that can help you in the classroom, when you study, and the list goes on and on.
  • Calling All Students! You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain by visiting Study Guides & Strategies. It gives you tons of tips on every aspect of studying.

What is your learning style? Do you have any specific study habits that have been the most helpful?

Use the comments below to answer!