Create a Schoolwork Portfolio

Young woman reading an SAT prep book

Schoolwork portfolios are a great way to market yourself by showcasing your personal and academic accomplishments. They can help you organize everything you need to apply to schools and scholarships and are a great way to reflect on what you’ve done and what direction you may want to go in!

What Should Be In My Portfolio?

Your portfolio should include some basics

  • School transcripts
  • Standardized test scores
  • Samples of school work
  • School achievements

Additional things you can include are …

  • Accomplishments you’re proud of (awards, certificates)
  • Documentation of summer classes you’ve enrolled in
  • Documentation of your community and academic involvement
  • Work, volunteer experience and internships
  • Letters of recommendation

Creating your portfolio can give you a better sense of what you enjoy and what you’re good at. It can also help you decide what programs or schools you’d like to apply to and  is a way to reflect on and be proud of all you’ve accomplished.

Making My Portfolio

Getting an early start on your portfolio will make things a lot easier, especially when it’s time to formally present it. Plus, with practice you’ll master organizing it in a way that best conveys your strengths and accomplishments.

Remember to update your portfolio throughout high school – adding new accomplishments and removing items that no longer reflect your best work. This also gives you a chance to evaluate how you’ve improved and will help you identify areas where you may need improvement.

Watch this video for great advice and checklists when creating your portfolio.

If You Were Home Schooled

If you were home schooled, your portfolio should include the information listed above, but remember to also include additional information about your curriculum, listing of books (non-fiction and literary literature) and materials, and evidence of completed units of  all academic subjects. Each school may have different requirements around home schooling, so be sure to check with them before providing them with your portfolio.

Visit this website for additional information specific to home schooled youth building a portfolio.


What else should be included in your schoolwork portfolio?

Comment below on what you included or plan to include!