Interview Tips and Tricks

One of the greatest rewards of your efforts to find a job is landing an interview. This is a crucial piece to your job goal success, so take control and master it!

Hear from an employer about her top interview tips and tricks.

Below is a list of tips as well as some sites we thought would be most helpful for you. Explore them because you can never be too prepared for the job interview!

ReachHire’s Top Interview Tips:

Our favorite sites for interview tips:

Lots of companies now do Phone or Skype interviews before inviting candidates for a face-to-face interview. Watch these videos for some great advice.


Job Interview tips

Some Additional Things to Think About

  • While You Wait: Many people get nervous sitting and waiting to be called into their interview.  Here are some helpful ideas to help make the wait more relaxed.  If you’re calm, the chances of you having a successful interview will be even greater! The more interviews you go on, the more comfortable you will become with the process.
  • After The Interview:  Try not to worry about mistakes you may have made in the interview. Chances are, these ‘mistakes’ were way more noticeable to you than to anyone else.  Learn from it and move on!  Think about how you would respond if you had the chance to do it over again. This will help you next time around.  Also, if you want to follow-up to correct something you said, you can always use your ‘Thank You Letter’ as an opportunity to do so.
  • Don’t Be Discouraged!  It’s common to go on multiple interviews before finding a good fit.  Look at it as a learning experience and an opportunity to find something better.