Management of Time and Supports

A group of three young adults discussing time management

Time Management at Work

Managing time can be a challenge. Here’s some tips to improve your time management:

  1. Create a schedule or routine for yourself.
  2. Set weekly and monthly goals.
  3. Use a daily/weekly planner.
  4. Make a “To-Do” list for reminders and deadlines.
  5. Use spare time at work to update your schedule and To-Do List.

To stay ahead of the clock:

  • Test out how good your time management is!
  • Click here for some top time management tools designed for the workplace!

Time Management at your fingertips: here is a list of FREE mobile / tablet apps that can help you manage your projects, timelines and priorities.

Supports Management for Work

You might need some support during your job search and on the job.  Depending on what you need, they may include:

  • Friends and Family