No Work Experience?

If you’ve never worked before but want a job, you may ask yourself, “Why would anyone hire someone with no experience?”  Instead, how about asking, “How can I get some experience?” Well, there are many ways you can get experience that will help you acquire the necessary skills to land your first job.

Learn more about how you can start building experience through volunteering, internships, apprenticeships and job training.  Here you can find local opportunities for jobs, internships and volunteering!

Jobs for young adults - Image of a dog-walker, a person gardening, and an African American woman on her laptop

Even if you never worked or volunteered before, you do have life experience.  From these experiences, you’ve probably gained a multitude of skills that you aren’t aware of.  Well, guess what? Those skills might just be what an employer is looking for!

Watch this video from an employer who talks about the importance of highlighting your strengths and how regular life skills can be transferred to your new job.

So, take a look back at your life and determine where you’ve already started building your skill set. Here are some examples of where to look:

  • Pet and babysitting
  • Playing sports
  • Painting, drawing, dancing, acting, sculpting
  • Driving
  • Gardening and yard work
  • Computers
  • Math, reading and writing
  • Social Media such as Email, Twitter, Facebook
  • Tutoring classmates
  • Hobbies (past/present)

Your list of experiences and skills can get long, so start making yours today!