Understanding Your Checks

Your Paycheck

Have you ever looked at your paystub and wondered why your -net pay- (also known as your “take home” pay) is less than your -gross pay-? Did you ever wonder where the money went? This site is about understanding your paystub, and the different deductions that are taken out.

Even if you have direct deposit, it’s still important to read and review your paystub just in case there are any inconsistencies. If you don’t know where to access your paystub, your company’s human resources department or your boss should be able to tell you.

Your SSI and or Your SSDI Check

SSI – For those who may receive a monthly Supplemental Security Income (SSI) check, the amount can vary from month to month. There are many factors that impact how much you get in your SSI monthly check such as your status as a minor or an adult, your living situation, marital status, earnings from work, and any work incentives you may be using.  You must report changes about these factors to Social Security. Please note that it may take a month or more for Social Security to process these changes and for your check to change.

SSDI – Unlike SSI, your SSDI check almost always stays the same every month. That’s because it’s based on either your own work history or on your parent’s work history, and is only affected when people reach an earnings limit called Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA).