Dispelling Myths with Work Incentives

Young adults with lived experience discussing work incentives

You may have heard of someone who was receiving SSI or SSDI, went to work, and now they owe Social Security money.  Stories like these may cause you to think it’s impossible when it comes to work, your disability and your benefits.  ReachHire is here to show you that this is not necessarily true!

  • You can work and keep your health insurance and all or part of your cash benefits
  • Working can make you better off financially
  • Many employers hire regardless of a person’s disability; what matters most is the person’s eagerness to learnw hat it takes to dot he job successfully
  • You don’t have to keep your disability a secret from your employer. Disclosing can get you supports you need to perform your job well

Knowledge is power.  By learning about your benefits, you will also learn about all the work incentives to help make work possible.